No entry fee

No cash prizes but certificates awarded

1. Entry Forms on line by 22nd June 2022

2. Entries to be delivered to the Showground no later than 8am on the day of the show

3. Have fun

4. There are no more rules


Under 5 years old

1. A Circus Ring made from egg boxes

2. A vegetable or fruit circus animal

3. A painting of a Clown (A4 size max)


Age 5 – 8

4. A Circus mask

5. Four decorated fairy cakes

6. A jam jar of flowers

7. A drawing of a Big Top Circus tent (A4 size max) Age 9 – 12

8. A handcrafted model of a Clown – any materials

9. A poem you have written about a visit to the circus

10. Any cake you have lovingly made

11. An arrangement of flowers in a vase