HORTICULTURE STEWARDS: Berkeley Gardening Club

A Silver Perpetual Bowl will be presented to the person gaining the highest number of points in the Horticulture and Flower Sections. The Capt. RGW Berkeley Silver Perpetual Challenge Cup will be presented to the person obtaining the highest number of points in the Horticulture Section. A Silver Perpetual Rose Bowl will be presented by Stroud Building Society to the exhibitor with the highest number of points in the Flower Section.

Presentation of the cups will be at approximately 3pm

Points awarded: 1st – 4; 2nd – 3; 3rd – 2; Commended – 1

Prizes: 1st – £3; 2nd – £2; 3rd – £1 (Classes 1-26)

Thanks go to all sponsors and supporters.


1. All Classes are open to all competitors. Entries are limited to 2 per class

2. All Articles must be delivered to the place of exhibition between the hours of 4pm and 6pm on Saturday 25th June or 7am to 8am on Sunday 27th June. No vehicles are allowed on the showground to drop off competition entries on Sunday.

3. A card will be provided for each entry which will detail class and exhibitor number. This card is to be placed underneath the exhibit before judging takes place.

4. Exhibitors must provide their own plates, vases and baskets for their display of their exhibits. All exhibits must be staged. Exhibits may be assembled prior to delivery to the site

5. The Committee will take all possible care of the exhibits but will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.

6. Items must be taken away between 4pm and 5pm on the day of the show. Any items left after this time will be disposed of or may be auctioned on behalf of Society funds.

7. The Judge’s decision is final. The Judges have the power to withhold the prizes from any exhibits through insufficient merit. Judging starts at 8.30am.

8. All exhibitors must submit an entry form by WEDNESDAY 22nd JUNE 2022

The Tent will be closed on the day of the Show after 8am until judging is complete. ENTRY FEES: 50p each class (children’s section FREE)


1. New potatoes, four on a plate

2. A bunch of spring onions

3. Broad beans, five pods on a plate

4. Peas, five pods on a plate

5. A cabbage

6. Radishes, a bunch of five with foliage

7. One pair of lettuce of any variety

8. A selection of salad leaves

9. A selection of herbs for culinary use, cut and displayed in a vase

10. Garlic, one head

11. Any other kind of vegetable FRUIT

12. Strawberries, six on a plate

13. Any other berry, including early raspberries, six on a plate

14. Currants, six strigs on a plate

15. Rhubarb, six sticks with foliage trimmed to not more than 4inches (10cm)



16. A pot plant, flowering or foliage, up to 20cm (8inch) pot

17. A pot of annual bedding plants, up to 20cm (8inch) pot

18. A cactus plant

19. Roses, a vase of three stems

20. Roses, a vase of a single specimen rose

21. A vase of Sweet Peas

22. A vase of annual flowers

23. A vase of perennial flowers



24. A Circus Ring, a wreath of Summer flowers

25. Arrangement of flowers for a celebration, max 61x61cm (24x24inches)

26. An arrangement of flowers using a wine glass

27. A buttonhole for a clown