The Castle Meadows, Berkeley GL13 9QN

Sunday 26th June 2022




Martin Grey – Tel: 0796 638 7699



Alan Timbrell-Tel: 0788 904 4070



Jenny Grey – Tel: 0777 973 5222



Entries Close

Saturday 18th June 2022





  1. If any statement in an entry shall be found to be incorrect, such entry shall be cancelled. If any statement shall be proved to the satisfaction of the committee to be false to the knowledge of the exhibitor, he shall be disqualified from continuing to be a member of the society and shall forfeit all prize money to which otherwise be entitled.


  1. As the non-exhibition of Animals entered for the show causes unnecessary preparations and expense and disarranges the Show Yard, Exhibitors, in default of sending stock after entry shall pay a fine of £5 to the funds of the society for each stall or pen of stock omitted to be filled unless satisfactory reasons to be given to the committee.


  1. All disputes shall be settled by the livestock committee and their decision shall be final.


  1. No animal shall be permitted to be decorated in the Show Yard with medals, rosettes or marks of any previous award, nor shall any notices of previous prizes be exhibited until after the judges have awarded the prizes. All animals shall if applicable be made by the judges, be submitted to the veterinary surgeon of the society for their opinion.


  1. The preferred method of entry is via the online web entry on the Berkeley Show website. However, if you are unable to use this, exhibitors must fill out and sign the printed entry form which must be delivered to the secretary with the entrance fees on or before Saturday 20th June 2020.


  1. All entries must be in the place of the show yard by 9 am and shall remain until 4 pm. Exhibitors must provide proper halters or chains for securing their animals. The show yard will be open to receive stock from 7 am.


  1. The livestock will be considered and treated as being in the sole charge and custody of the exhibitors during the whole of the show and every exhibitor or his representative must be in charge of the same and be subject to the orders of the stewards of the respective departments. The committee will not be responsible for or in respect of any loss, damage or injury arising from accident or any other cause.


  1. In the unfortunate event of an animal dying or being destroyed on the showground, the owner/exhibitor is responsible for the cost of the disposal and agrees to indemnify the society in respect of that cost.


  1. Exhibitors or their representatives must be in attendance with their animals at the stated time of parade and shall then follow the instructions of the stewards.



  1. ALL BULLS AND HORNED CATTLE must be double-tied and in the care of experienced handlers on the showground. It is a condition of entry that children and young people must only handle animals where they have the strength and experience to cope with foreseeable problems.


  1. Berkeley Show licensee declare that the show held at CPH No. 14/005/8000 at the Castle Meadow Showground on 26th June 2022 is EXEMPT from the Pre-movement Testing requirement for movements of cattle from annually (or more frequently) tested premises, movements of cattle from the LRA of England, from Scotland or from the Low TB Area of Wales to a show in Wales and is also EXEMPT from the Post-movement Testing requirements of cattle moving to/from shows across the boundaries of the LRA of England or of the Low TB Area of Wales. This has been registered with DEFRA on a TB180 declaration form.


  1. Exhibitors must adhere to DEFRA regulations in force at the time of the show. Full details are available on the DEFRA website or local Animal Health Office.

BIOSECURITY – All livestock vehicles must arrive having been cleaned and disinfected before leaving home. Special attention should be given to vehicle wheel arches and footwells. Please ensure that before leaving the showground vehicles are clean and disinfected and that all contaminated clothing is changed (or safely disposed of if disposable). Please remember ‘BE SEEN TO BE CLEAN’.





  1. The committee has taken every reasonable precaution to ensure the health, safety and welfare of those attending the show. Members of the public and competitors are equally responsible for ensuring that they do not put others at risk and that they cooperate with the organisers in the compliance with health and safety legislation. In the interest of security, please ensure livestock and trailers are left secure when unattended.


PLEASE ENSURE all passports / movement licenses etc are taken to the Livestock Secretary tent at the entrance of the stock yard on arrival and



SHOW SITE CPH No. 14/005/8000




Chief steward:

Judging starts 9.30am

Classes 1 – 32 to be halter led



BHAS members – £3 per entry

Young handlers (classes 23 & 25) – £3 per entry

Non members – £6 per entry



Classes 1-3,5-8,10-13,15-17,19-21,27,31

1st £20          2nd £20           3rd £20


Young handlers (Classes 23 & 25)

1st £10      2nd £10       3rd £10

Rosettes to be awarded 1st – 3rd









Class 1              Cow in milk or with a calf at foot

Class 2              Heifer

Class 3              Bull

Class 4                Champion Gloucester (1st prize winners classes 1-3)



Class 5               Cow or Heifer (over 30 months)

Class 6              Bull

Class 7              Heifer (under 30 months)

Class 8              Calf under 1 year on day of show

Class 9                 Champion Hereford (1st prize winners classes 5-8)



Class 10            Bull (Any age)

Class 11            Cow of Heifer in milk

Class 12               Heifer not yet calved

Class 13            Calf under 1 year on day of show

Class 14               Champion Dexter (1st prize winners classes 10-13)



Any other Natives (Not Gloucesters, Herefords or Dexters)

Class 15            Cow

Class 16            Heifer

Class 17               Bull

Class 18              Champion Native (1st prize winners classes 15-17)


Any Continental Breed (Pure Bred)

Class 19             Cow

Class 20            Heifer

Class 21            Bull

Class 22             Champion Continental (1st prize winners classes 19-21)


 YOUNG HANDLERS (Age 11 and under)

Open to any young person (age on day of show). Competitors to lead a calf under 12 months old. Handler to be unaccompanied except in the case of an emergency. All entries will receive a rosette.

Class 23             Any Breed or Sex


YOUNG HANDLERS (Age 12 – 17)

Open to any young person (age on day of show). Competitors to lead a calf under 12 months old. Handler to be unaccompanied except in the case of an emergency. All entries will receive a rosette.

Class 25            Any Breed or Sex



BEEF CATTLE (Finished)

Judged for slaughter on day

Class 27            Steer under 30 months sired by Continental

Class 28            Heifer under 30 months sired by Continental

Class 29            Heifer or Steer sired by Native




Potential Beef animal for Christmas Fatstock

Class 30           Beef Heifer

Class 31           Beef Steer

Class 32           Champion Commercial (1st prize winners Classes 27-31)





Champion and Reserve Rosettes

(1ST Prize winners Classes 4,9,14,18,22 32)







Chief steward:

Judging starts 9.30 am

Classes 40 – 63 to be halter led

Classes 64 & 65 will be judged in their pens



BHAS members £3 per entry

Young handlers (classes 62 and 63) £3 per entry

Non members £6 per entry



Classes 40-43,45-48,50-53,55-59,64,65

1st £20            2nd £10                3rd £5

Young handlers (Classes 62 and 63)        1st £10      2nd £10       3rd £10

Rosettes to be awarded 1st – 3rd




It is most important that exhibitors make quite clear on their entry forms, by ticking the correct box whether they are MV accredited; i.e. a fully accredited MV accredited sheep must be accompanied by a MV/CAE HSR Certificate. This is very necessary to enable us to provide the correct penning and show facility. Members of this scheme will be aware of the regulations regarding coming into contact with non- accredited sheep and the quarantine regulations thereafter.





Native Pure Bred Sheep


Class 40            Ram (any age)

Class 41            Ram Lamb

Class 42            Ewe (any age)

Class 43            Ewe Lamb

Class 44              Champion Cotswold (1st prize winners classes 40-43)


Pure Bred Sheep Native (excluding Cotswold – please state breed)

Class 45            Ram (any age)

Class 46            Ram Lamb

Class 47            Ewe (any age)

Class 48            Ewe Lamb

Class 49               Champion Native (1st prize winners classes 45-48)








Rare and Minor Breeds (Please state breed)

Class 50            Ram (any age)

Class 51            Ram Lamb

Class 52            Ewe (any age)

Class 53              Ewe Lamb


Class 54            Champion Rare/Minor (1st prize winners classes 50-53)




Pure Bred Sheep Continental (Please state breed)

Class 56              Ram (any age)

Class 57            Ram Lamb

Class 58            Ewe (any age)

Class 59            Ewe Lamb

Class 61           Champion Continental (1st prize winners classes 56-59)








Sheep Young Handler

Open to any young person. Handler to be judged on ability, appearance and knowledge.

 All entries will receive a rosette.

Class 62            Young Handler (8 years and under 1st Jan 2022)

Class 63            Young Handler (9-15 years 1st Jan 2022)





Commercial Sheep


A pair of lambs any breed most suitable for butchers’ trade.

Class 64            Under 40kg live weight

Class 65            Over 40kg live weight

(These classes will be amalgamated at the stewards discretion on the day of the show, if there are insufficient entries)


Champion and Reserve Rosettes Individual Sheep of the Show

 (1st prize winners classes 44,49,54,61)